Severodonetsk opens Crisis Media Center “Seversky Donets”

Открытие Кризисного медиа-центра "Северский Донец"

The solemn opening of Crisis Media Center “Seversky Donets” has gathered journalists, social activists, representatives of Luhansk civil-military regional administration and Severodonetsk city council.

The main purpose of the Crisis Media Center is the activities aimed at informing the public about the problems of the crisis regions of Ukraine, mainly the Luhansk oblast, refutation of different rumors, providing timely, high-quality information in order to reduce social tensions in region. Also setting the constructive relationships between people, government, activists and media.

The Center plans to create favorable conditions for the journalists and media, protection of their rights, and providing free consultancy services for independent journalists.

 The area of activity of the Media Center covers the territory of Luhansk oblast and other crisis regions of Ukraine. The Crisis Media center “Seversky Donets” will cooperate with other centers and media, journalists, citizens, international organizations and state institutions.

The Media Center was launched with the support of International Renaissance Foundation within the project of “Crisis Media Center ”Seversky Donets” Step 1” and Ukrainian peacemaking school.


Tatyana Vergun, coordinator of the Crisis Media Center “Seversky Donets”,,